Welcome to the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink

The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink exists to provide businesses across the UK’s food and drink manufacturing and processing industry with a single source of access to leading edge workforce training, vocational study and skill upgrades designed to boost productivity, innovation, profitability and growth.

We act as the industry’s voice to Government on the strategic skills issues affecting our industry and work closely with a range of key industry stakeholders, supporters and partners in delivering our mission of making the food and drink industry in the UK the best in the world.

We’re straightforward, industry-focussed and on your side. We offer you an honest unbiased view of the most effective and cost-efficient training solutions to meet your needs as well as advising you on funding support where available.

NSA FD Annual Review

Take a look at our Annual Review. Click the image above to see the full report.

Who we work with


Blueprint for Excellence is a bespoke online training need analysis tool created specifically for food and drink manufacturing and processing companies. It enables you to pinpoint the specific skill and knowledge gaps in your business that are holding back performance and productivity - so you can tightly target training investment for maximum return.
Becoming a Business Member of the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink puts you in good company. No less than eight of the UK’s Top 10 food and drink manufacturers are Members along with a whole host of companies of every size and shape.
The Managed Agent service now available to the industry from the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink has been specifically designed to help businesses make better use of time and budget while ensuring all training meets best in class industry standards.
Tasty Jobs is an industry recruitment and training initiative offered free to food manufacturing and processing businesses. It enables firms to find prospective employees, particularly young people, living in their local area who have the basic food safety and specific production knowledge relevant to your individual business.
Tasty Careers is the industry’s outreach campaign to the next generation of food and drink manufacturing talent.
The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink is already the go-to organisation for Business Members seeking expert advice on high quality training and vocational education for staff.
Association with the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink opens up valuable new opportunities for your organisation. It not only adds to your brand reputation for taking industry skills seriously but provides proven new
tools to make a direct contribution to the success of your own stakeholders.
As champions of quality training within the food and drinks industry, we believe all the best training programmes should be celebrated – even if they’re for internal use only.


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