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As the voice of the UK's largest manufacturing sector, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has a passionate belief that better outcomes for society will be delivered when industry and Government work together in a genuine partnership to make food safer, healthier and more environmentally sustainable.

FDF's members, which are food companies of all sizes from across the UK, have shown real leadership in recent years in supporting key areas of public policy.

But it is arguably our groundbreaking work in the area of health and wellbeing where we have been making the biggest difference to the lives of consumers – whether through our reformulation efforts – changing product recipes to be lower in things like salt, fat and sugar; the development of 'better for you' products; or the introduction of clearer on-pack nutritional information.

In fact, FDF and its members published their seven point health and wellbeing action plan way back in 2004 – an early sign of the positive role our industry could play in helping society meet the challenges posed by obesity. This plan included a public commitment to provide clearer nutrition labelling on food and drink packs as we recognised this would be a powerful tool for helping people make better informed choices and improve their overall food literacy.

Three years ago, there was little nutritional information carried on the front of most food and drink products sold in the UK. Today, that has all changed – thanks to the enormous commitment shown by manufacturers and retailers who have voluntarily incorporated this information on their packs.

The most widely adopted scheme in the UK is based on GDAs – Guideline Daily Amounts, and the available evidence suggests that shoppers from all walks of life are increasingly aware of GDA labels on the front of packs, and are using them more often.

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