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26 March 2010

FDF response to FSA’s recommendations on reducing saturated fat and added sugar in key sweet foods

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Responding to the Food Standards Agency’s recommendations on reducing the saturated fat and added sugar in key sweet foods, Julian Hunt, Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Director of Communications, says:

“UK food producers are rightly proud of the incredible work they have done to change the recipes of popular products so that they are lower in calories, fat and saturated fat – while making no compromises on quality or taste.

Our members have been rising to this particular challenge for a number of years – and are now leading the world when it comes to developing new products and refreshing old favourites. We are pleased that the Food Standards Agency has recognised the successful work undertaken by food companies and the complexities involved with further reformulation efforts.”

More Information

The research contained in the – ‘Recipe for Change’ – report published by FDF, describes how food and drink manufacturers are developing new products, and refreshing old favourites, so that they are lower in calories, fat, or salt.

Download report: Recipe for Change – pdf | 994kb

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