Commercial Services

Customised solutions for your business

Let Us Help You Build Your Business

As the well-established membership body for the food and drink industry, FDF boasts expertise and experience in all of the key areas of food and drink manufacturing. Let us help you build your business through our training and consultancy services on issues legislation, industry trends and stakeholder management.

Most of our events and training courses can also be adapted for bespoke solutions for your business that we can deliver at your premises (subject to minimum numbers).



Get your brand in front of global leaders and the ambitious new brands of the future

FDF runs a range of exciting events through the year including awards ceremonies, formal dinners and training. With our membership ranging from the largest global brands to growing, ambitious SMEs we always enjoy excellent attendance at our events.

There's no better way to get your brand in front of prospective clients and get an excellent return on investment than through sponsorship of FDF events. We also offer a range of exhibitor packages to suit all budgets.


Partnerships & Advertising

We Can Help You Make Your Project a Success

As the voice of the UK's largest manufacturing industry our knowledge and contacts can help you make your projects and events a success.

We would be delighted to consider a commercial partnership with your organisation and can offer a number of solutions including:

  • Marketing support including website presence and promotional inserts in our popular newsletters
  • Speaker and panellist support from our FDF industry experts
  • Exhibition presence at our popular FDF events

Most of our commercial partnerships involve reciprocal arrangements. However if you would like to consider a sponsorship package please see our Sponsorship page.

For more details and prices call 020 7420 7154 or email [email protected]


Our Professional Affiliate Membership

Take a Big Bite of the Market

Food and drink manufacturing is a growing sector, boasting the biggest global names and ambitious entrepreneurs. The size of our sector outstrips all other manufacturing sectors, our exports are growing and we employ 400,000 people.

We can help you connect with them by becoming a Food and Drink Federation Professional Affiliate.

What is a Professional Affiliate member?

Professional Affiliate members are drawn from sectors that want to work with food and drink manufacturers. Our members include legal firms, insurers, certification bodies and environmental service providers amongst others.

How you will benefit from PA membership? A unique opportunity to network in the industry and increase your brand profile. Please note, as the membership body for food and drink manufacturing we get many approaches from organisations but we only work with Professional Affiliate members.


Last reviewed: 03 Dec 2014