Sign in “Remember me” Feature

If you want to avoid logging on to FDF’s password protected area every time you
want to access it, go to the signing in page and tick the check box called
‘Remember me’. If you are having problems remembering your password you can always change it,
once you have signed in, by going to the My Account

How ‘Remember me’ works

Ticking the "Remember me" check box causes a cookie to be placed in
computer, then when you visit FDF’s website in the future, this cookie
logs you on (as long as you are accessing the site from the same computer).


If other people use your computer, you probably don’t want to use this
facility as they will also be able to access the members’ area without logging

Using more than one computer

If you want to use the ‘Remember me’ facility on another computer,
go to the
members’ area, go to the login box and tick the "Remember
me" check
box again. This will overwrite the details of the previous computer