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1 July 2014

FDF comment on EFRA report on Food Security

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In response to Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee report on Food Security - Production, supply and systems , Melanie Leech, Director General at FDF, said:

“We are pleased to see the Committee's strong support for UK food and farming, and for the role we can play in helping to ensure future food security by addressing the issues raised by climate change and increased demand from global population growth. We agree with the Committee that we have potential to increase exports further as well as substitute for imports in areas where we can develop the capacity to do so.

“We particularly welcome the recognition that we are well placed to harness our innovation to increase the efficiency of production while reducing its impacts. We agree with the need for a more joined-up approach to policy making in these areas, both in the UK and in Europe, and with the importance of informed, evidence-based, consumer choice in relation to issues like new technologies and the health and resource implications of what we eat. Addressing these challenges is a shared responsibility for Government, industry and other stakeholders within a clear strategic framework."

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