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26 July 2016

FDF to host first Food Industry Roundtable on future UK-EU relationship

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The Food and Drink Federation (FDF), alongside leading food and drink industry
trade associations, will set out the issues and opportunities presented by the
vote to leave the European Union at a joint industry and Government roundtable.

The event will be held in partnership with the Department for Environment, Food
and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on Tuesday 26
2016 at FDF offices in Covent Garden, London. The Department for International
Trade (DfIT) will also be attendance.

Earlier this month, FDF set out its priorities for negotiations on a new UK-EU
in an open letter to the new Prime Minister.

Ahead of the industry roundtable, Ian Wright CBE, Director General of the Food
and Drink Federation, said:

“The food and drink industry must have a strong and united voice in the
post-Referendum discussions with Government. We must ensure that those
entrusted with
negotiating our exit from the EU do so armed with the very clearest
from the food and drink industry as to what we need.

“At this event we will seek to understand Government’s plans for exiting
the EU,
and what this means for trading, market access and regulation.

“Our excellent partnership with Defra and FSA, which has helped foster
food and drink’s world-leading reputation for safety, quality and innovation,
will stand us in good stead for the future.

“We will also work closely with DfIT and the Great British Food Unit to
UK food and drink manufacturers have continued access to overseas markets

to grow exports and to ensure continued availability of key raw

More information

Contact Alexandra Crisp, Corporate Affairs Division, at: [email protected], or 020 7379 7120.

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