A range of fact sheets, leaflets, reports, toolkits, videos and other useful material.

For consumers

British Nutrition Foundation advice pages on all aspects of nutrition including healthy eating tips.

Food & Drink Federation’s (FDF) food labelling toolkit – a guide to the new regulations and how to use the new labels with confidence.

Food Standards Agency leaflet: ‘Buying food when you have a food allergy or food intolerance’.

Government advice on healthy eating and the Eatwell plate.

NHS Choices ‘livewell’ pages providing wide ranging consumer facing information including on healthy diets, fitness and losing weight.

For businesses

British Retail Consortium (BRC) guidance on communicating nutrition labelling changes to consumers, aimed at food businesses.

BRC / FDF guidance on allergen labelling.

DEFRA guidance on the Food Information to Consumers regulations.

Department of Health Front of Pack nutrition labelling guidance on creating a front of pack label provides advice aimed at food businesses, which includes the detailed nutrition criteria underpinning the red, amber and green colour coding.

Department of Health technical guidance on nutrition labelling – guidance on the nutrition-related requirements of the EU food information to consumers regulation.

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientific opinion on the review of labelling reference intake values for selected nutritional elements (2009).

FDF’s Workplace Wellbeing toolkit offering employers tips and guidance to enhance their workplace health programmes.

The list of authorised nutrition and health claims can be found within the EU register.


Summary of findings from EUFIC research into how consumers respond to portion information on food and drinks labels (2011).

EUFIC UK-specific research paper: ‘Nutrition knowledge, use and understanding of nutrition information on food labels among consumers in the UK’ (conducted 2008, published 2010).

EUFIC pan-European research: ‘Use and understanding of nutrition information on food labels in six European countries’ (2010).

Main findings of EU-funded research consortium FLABEL (Food Labelling to Advance Better Education for Life), which researched the role of food packaging labels and what these communicate to consumers (2012).

Irish Food Safety Authority (FSAI) research study into consumer attitudes to food labelling (2009).

Sacks et al. research into the ‘Impact of front-of-pack ‘traffic light’ nutrition labelling on consumer food purchases in the UK’ (abstract) (2009).

Last reviewed: 11 Dec 2014