Dorset Cereals: Careers case study

Rob Ward, Communications Assistant

“I graduated in 2008 with a
degree in Law and Sociology,
not at all sure what direction
I wanted to take, so I started
looking at all sectors. One of
the last that came to mind
was the food manufacturing
sector, but having joined Dorset
Cereals I now realise the
opportunities available within
food manufacturing with a
small company.

“My role in Dorset Cereals is in
the marketing team and largely
based online, in particular
handling social media and trying
to grow our presence online
and with Twitter and Facebook.

Dorset Cereals is an incredibly
forward thinking, fun and friendly
company, that is relatively small,
and as such, open to any new
ideas which is an incredibly
exciting position to be in. Our
team consists of only a handful
of people, which means we are
all involved in every aspect of
getting the brand known.

“Food manufacturing can
be very forward-thinking
as a sector, it is incredibly
competitive and so you have
to be continually pushing the
boundaries to be noticed,
which means we are constantly
looking to be at the forefront of
marketing, learning all the time.”


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